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Everyone sins. Sin leads to death. Death comes in many different forms. Addiction is one of these forms. A Christian struggles to overcome sin, and live the abundant life. There is a biblical way to overcome sin, and there are non-biblical ways. The recovery movement, which promotes A.A.'s 12 steps, is not the biblical way to overcome sin. God laid out His recovery program in the Bible, and His program is the polar opposite of A.A.'s. The recovery movement promotes the idea that addiction is a disease, which can be treated by surrendering to a god of our own understanding, and having a series of spiritual experiences that lead to a spiritual awakening.

This sounds good to the natural mind.

The natural mind cannot understand the things of God, however, because, Satan has blinded it. A person has to have a spiritual mind to understand the things of God and serve Him. How is a natural mind transformed into a spiritual mind? Is it by submitting to a god that the natural mind understands, working self-improvement steps, and seeking spiritual experiences in order to awaken spiritually? No, the natural mind has to surrender to something it doesn't understand: It has to surrender to the supernatural revelation of Jesus in the Gospel. Once the natural mind surrenders to Jesus, His Spirit transforms it into a spiritual mind, and frees it from Satan.

e were all born into Satan's kingdom. Satan ruled over us, and programmed our minds. Satan's programming produced compulsions, obsessions and addictions that enslaved us, and furthered his kingdom objectives. At some point, the pain and emptiness, which comes along with serving Satan, opens our ears so we can hear the Gospel (the good news) of the Kingdom of God.

  After pain opens our ears, God sends the Gospel to us. As we bow our knee to Jesus, His Spirit enters our body to establish His Kingdom in us. Consequently, our spirit leaves Satan's kingdom and enters God's. After this, we must learn how to function in God's Kingdom, and reprogram our minds so we can recover from the compulsions, obsessions, and addictions of the past.

Here is the bottom line:

To recover,we must leave Satan's kingdom and enter God's Kingdom. The Holy Spirit has to transform our natural mind into a spiritual mind that is capable of understanding the things of God and serving Him. Then, we must endeavor to understand God's Word and live it. A.A.'s 12 steps cannot accomplish this feat. Thus, there is no real power in A.A.'s 12 steps to deliver us.

The book of Romans is the Constitution of God's Kingdom. The book of Romans spells out who we are, and what we have "in Christ". When we understand who we are, and what we have "in Christ", we will rise above sin, addiction, and religion to live the abundant life.

I have written a book called, Recovery In Christ. Recovery In Christ explains the historical context of Romans.  In my book, I explain Romans verse-by-verse and apply it to the problem of addiction. I also explain what the One New Man is and how we can position ourselves in it to receive power. I encourage you to order a copy of Recovery In Christ from Xulon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookfinder, or any other retailer of fine books!

Due to popular demand, Recovery In Christ is now available as an audio book! If you do not like to read, or have time to, then download my book, and listen to it in your car, or while you relax in favorite chair. Go to our "Books and Recordings page", and listen to a short sample of the audio book. Then, go to Audible, Amazon or iTunes to download your copy today! 

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